Thursday, 19 April 2012

Retrofit your car!

by Ilaria Lonigro

You don't have an electric car and you think that buying one is too expensive? The solution is called retrofitting. It means that you can turn your old car into an electric one. You'll save half the price of an electric car and you won't have to scrap your old car, because, through the retrofitting, it will be as good as new. Another smart solution is taking part in a Solidarity Purchasing Group: buying something all together, directly from the producers, allow consumers to save a lot of money while respecting the environment.

Electric cars are perfect city cars and they only need very cheap routine controls: no oil, no filters and no battery charge anxiety!

Daniele Invernizzi, founder of the eV-Now! Foundation, Italy, tells us something about this green business, presented also at the Italian fair for sustainability Fa' la cosa giusta, promoted by Terre di Mezzo Eventi.

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