Friday, 23 March 2012

Who will be the winner between green and black?

Green treasure vs. black gold in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador.

by Michele Lapini
Photo by Michele Lapini

Renewable energy growth in Basilicata, Italy

Region works towards energy self-sufficiency through local, renewable sources and reduced consumption.

by Michele Lapini 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Strawberry Tree recharges Serbian mobile gadgets!

A team of young Belgrade entrepreneurs have designed a Public Solar Charger to serve the gadget charging needs of urban populations.

by Lidija Grozdanić  

Photo by Nenad Pavlovic

We believe in... greening up

Religious pilgrimages have significant global impacts which can be reduced or even reversed.

by Ilaria Lonigro

Photo by a454,

Smart move

Making mobility more sustainable.

by Ilaria Lonigro

Photo by think4photop,  

Building a green style

Reuse of building materials inspire the fashion world.

by Ilaria Lonigro

Green up your rooftop!

Rooftop farming is gaining momentum as a descendant of the urban agriculture movement.

by Ilaria Lonigro

Photo by Simon Howden,

Like a fish in a bowl

Indigenous populations in the Peruvian Amazon struggle to maintain traditional knowledge in the face of modern environmental challenges.

by Chiara Zappalà

From the lab to your plate: Will in vitro technology produce the meat of the future?

For some it sounds like an idea from a horror movie, but some of the meat we will be eating in the future might come out of a petri dish.

by Sebastian Olényi

Photo by Dana Radloff,, CC-License(by-nc-nd)

Recycling as a competitive edge

Recycling is playing an increasingly important part in our daily lives, but it also marks an emerging shift in our understanding of the economic system.

by Peter Bjerregaard

"More than 80% of the waste in this disposal site is reused."

Monday, 19 March 2012

Q&A: Ben Braga on the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille

Days before the French city of Marseille hosts the 6th World Water Forum (March 12-17) Ben Braga, president of the International Committee for the event and vice-president of the World Water Council, tells Nadya Ivanova that this will be the Forum of solutions and commitments.

by Nadya Ivanova
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    Water experts are convening on March 12-17 at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France, to seek solutions to 12 priority water targets. Image courtesy of 6th World Water Forum.

The case for sustainable agriculture

You can lead a better, healthier life and support sustainable agriculture at the same time!

by Josefine Ridderstrale

Sustainable agriculture might seem an uninteresting topic at first, especially if you are a happy urbanite not having to grow your own food. However, just making a few different selections at your local supermarket can change the way food is produced! Sounds easy? There are many more ways to help make food production sustainable.